smart production


Smart Receiving Process


The system supports using a Packing List with various file formats or ERP connections to easily complete data interchange automatically.

Arrival Notification


The arrival notice will be sent automatically when the goods arrive, and the acceptance report will be sent automatically after receiving.

Customized mobile receiving dashboard that displays real-time receiving status to avoid ineffective  communication.

Data Collecting

Mapping ASN and Actual Cargo

Exception Comparison

Collect the information of actual cargo and compare it with ASN (Advance Shipping Notice) to identify any discrepancies. It replaces using eyesight and brain to manually define the difference in a much more timely and accurate way.


Spread’s invented “Intelligent mobile device” enables man-machine cooperation on goods receipt.

Customized Data Collection Solution

Customized Collection Level


Smart Decoding of various labels from manufacturers


Customized Data Collection


Collect the required data according to the client’s shipping requirements like PN, LOT, DC, CPN, QTY, Batch… etc.


Smart Racking Management, Accurate Bin Location


Instant binding Carton ID and Bin Location by scanning barcodes


Display Empty Bin Location real-time to reduce unnecessary moves


Paperless Racking by PDA adapting “elimination method” to avoid any missing racking

Real-time Stock Counting


Smart Racking Management, Real Time Dashboard alerts any missing racking cartons

Customized Storage


According to the size of the packaging, PN, and brand to create customized storage space

Customized Cloud Inventory Allocation


The system can support dynamic allocation by customized needs such as company branches, departments, clients, products, inventory status etc.


Smart Picking Aids- three NO measures


Not Repeating

No repeat path calculation, to achieve the fastest picking efficiency without missing

Not Missing

According to the PDA picking list, remove one carton line after scanning to avoid any missing

No Mistakes

Real-time foolproof, alarm, and alert

Customized Agile Picking Model

After analyzing packaging and shipping requirements, the most effective and suitable picking method is designed.

1.Dispatching Method, picking then dispatch

Applicable to: multiple shipments, all picking from the same carton

2.Picking and Packing Method

Applicable to: one single shipment, picking from multiple cartons

3.Picking Route Setting

Could flexibly pick by bin location or by PN

Customized Small Volume and High Mix Picking Equipment


Customized exclusive equipment complements with customized processes, combining software and hardware to achieve efficiency


Smart Production Solutions

Your Concerns; We Are Aware


Smart production is synced with real-time quality control to replace the traditional OQC (the last outbound QC)

Scan the original factory label to automatically generate the required customer label.
Real-time foolproof, and simultaneously match the actual cargo with invoicing details.
Scan one and label one, with infrared fool-proof; no batch printing and labeling is allowed.

Intelligent Production Equipment

In response to small volume with high mix needs, investment in intelligent-mobile equipment; combine hardware and software to accelerate outbound production.

Real-Time Label Quality Control

Ensure label quality through real-time inspection to achieve the best quality and delivery for our clients.

Anytime, Anywhere, Anydevice

Visualize the Working In Progress Status real-time

Visualize the Working In Progress Status real-time

Label Automation

The format of the customer label is built into the system, and the order placing system automatically brings out the customer label

Systematize Labeling Requirements

Organize multiple Consignees’ label requirements by self-built label configuration systems

Smart Decoding

The system analyzes QR code, serial code, D/C, special rules also supported by system algorithm.

Data Flow Synchronization

Using data algorithms, the shipping orders are automatically generated at the same time to both the smart production scheduling and smart trucks scheduling.

Data Flow Automation

Automatically generate truck orders to eliminate manual truck orders creation

Smart Data Flow

The truck orders automatically flow into the smart truck scheduling by delivery point, routes, and required delivery time.




Shipment details display by PDA immediately after scanning, reducing manual works


The system automatically compares to avoid manual verification errors.

Smart Alert

Real-time foolproof, safeguarding.



Eliminate invalid communication among departments


Real-time update cargo’s information


Can Track by any device


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